What is your General Policy?

Our General Policy is a list of topics that will answer many of your questions about renting.
Please see our General Policy Information or download the latest version.

What is your Rental Agreement Contract ?

The Rental Agreement Contract is a list of responsibilities between Gaithersburg Party Rental and our clients. Please see our Rental Agreement Contract or download the latest version.

Am I required to sign a credit/debit card authorization form?

Please consult a rental staff specialist about the Credit Card Authorization form.

Can you bill me later?

Yes. If you are interested in opening a charge account, please fill out and submit the Charge Account Application. These accounts are usually business to business accounts with net 30 day terms and are open to recurring customers only.

After a review and approval process of your application you will be notified.

Do you require a down payment ?

Yes, we require half down to reserve your equipment. We accept all major credit/debit cards.

When should I pick up my equipment?

If your event is Saturday or Sunday, you may pick up equipment either Friday or Saturday and return Monday for a one day rental fee. We’re open Monday though Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 11am-2pm.

When should I expect my delivery ?

Usually we deliver within office hours, however a special arrangement can be made for deliveries and or pick up of equipment before or after regular business hours. Consult with one of rental service staff for details.

Which size linen do you recommend for my table?

The size of the linen we could recommend for your table depends on the size of the table, please measure the table length x width for a rectangular table or the diameter for a round table.